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Feb 23, 2020 | News, The Tonic


Valentine’s Day has passed but love is still in the air and, as it’s a leap year, traditionally the 29th February is the day when women can propose.* So, we thought we would spread the love and offer a 14% discount on any of our Contemporary Bars. Regardless of when your event is, if you make the booking by the end of February 2020 for a wedding or civil partnership you’ll get the offer by quoting 14FEB

With all that in mind ‘The Monthly Tonic’ is focussing on some FAQs posed by those planning their big day. Location, check; catering, check; music, check; dance floor, check; drinks, check…..but where are people going to hydrate, mix, talk and watch the fun on the dancefloor? At the bar of course!

Why do I need a bar?

Replace the messy affair of a wobbly table with something sturdy, sleek, polished and customisable to fit your event space, knowing your guests can enjoy the range of drinks you have chosen for them speedily, efficiently, hygienically and with the bravado and spectacle of a classy city bar! Ice & Lime Bars are quick to install, fully functional and can come with fridges, sinks, ice wells, chopping boards and speed rails. They are sturdy, modular and customizable and adaptable to any event space.

Which style of bar?

With two fundamental styles of bar to choose from, Contemporary or Rustic, our bars are a both a stand alone option or a versatile starting point from which you can choose to dress the way you wish!

Our Contemporary Bars are full-on show stoppers. Modular and created from a lightweight polished aluminium frame with interchangeable panels they can be adapted in a multitude of ways to reflect your chosen style (see below). They are the most versatile, customisable option creating a professional bar with incredible visual impact.

The Rustic Bars (round or straight) are the perfect choice for rustic/boho/barn/DIY weddings. Our 2.0m Rustic Bars made from reclaimed wood, protected with beeswax and with weathered metal edging, complement the ‘rustic’ look that is so current. Our Round Rustic Bar is actually an oval consisting of two semi-circular, stand alone, bar sections or together; the full “circular” shape. Each semi-circular bar can be hired separately and you have the choice of the vintage newspaper or wooden top.

Can the bar fit with our theme?

In lots of ways! Call us for more personalised recommendations but here are a few things to get you thinking! LED lighting on our Contemporary Bars can be programmed to your colour choice via the remote controls provided with the bar. Fully mirrored panels reflecting light everywhere can not only give the illusion of space to a smaller venue but equally can deliver a contemporary twist to a vintage theme, think Great Gatsby. For bespoke finishes the front or top panels can be dressed in a variety of textures and surface designs to fit in with your style. Or you may want to have fully personalised branding such as your initials or a motto.

What size bar do I need?

Ice & Lime Bars can cater for small, intimate gatherings of up to 40 people or much larger, going upward of 1000 guests so we are pretty confident we will have something for you!

Get in touch for more specific and personalised advice but here is a very quick guide to get you started depending on if you are thinking Contemporary or Rustic.

Contemporary Bars

Rustic Bars

Do Ice & Lime fully install the bar, make sure it is working and collect it?

Absolutely! Whichever bar takes you choose, we will prepare it and deliver it to you ensuring it is in tip top, full working order. Once setup we will demonstrate and sign it off with you before we leave. Reliable, flexible delivery and collection plus the great customer service we pride ourselves on is all part of the package! 

Access to our venue is a little tricky, will you be able to deliver?

Of course! We will discuss access with you at the time of booking so that we can advise you on the best bar. We can also re-confirm the logistics with you closer to the time so that you are fully in the picture and can tick the bar off your list and get on with all the other things on it! We designed our bars in house in consultation with bartenders and one of our many specifications was to enable ease of access to difficult sites. And, thanks to their modular design, they can make use of cosy nooks, corners and potentially awkward spaces.


Do Ice & Lime provide back bars?

Yes, Ice & Lime have a range of back bar solutions both contemporary and rustic with fridges, display and work surfaces with plenty of storage!

Do we have to use your drinks?

No, we specialise in dry bar hire so you or your caterers can provide the drinks! However, we work with many partners so can also arrange a full bar service, pre-paid or cash, should you require.

Do we have to use your staff?

No, we can arrange for bartending staff should you require.

Do you hire bar furniture?

Yes, we have exquisite bar furniture, which again can be chosen to fit in with your venue and or theme. For ideas and information, have a look here Furniture Hire

One big bar or a few smaller ones?

A growing trend is to have a separate bar to the main bar, in a different area of the venue for example, such as a pagoda or awning, serving a couple’s favourite tipples! A “Signature Cocktails Bar” or the increasingly popular “Gin Bar” are regular features of a lot of events not forgetting the low ABV and self service non-alcoholic drinks displayed in large drinks dispensers.

On the subject of cocktails, here’s this month’s recipe, a favourite of our MD Tristan! Enjoy!

Bloody Mary



Tomato juice


Lemon – half sliced, half juiced


Worcestershire sauce

Celery salt

Black pepper

Celery stick


Take a large mixing jug, throw in a handful of ice and pour in a large shot of Vodka (subjective measure!), tomato and lemon juice, your usual dose of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of celery salt and black pepper. Big old stir until everything feels cool then strain into a couple of highball glasses, add a bit of ice, a slice of lemon and a stick of celery…….and relax!


*It is believed that this tradition comes from the 5th century, when a disgruntled Irish nun by the name of St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women had to wait too long for their suitors to propose. Negotiations ensued and St Patrick decreed women were allowed to propose on the 29th February which only occurs every four years.  Less well known is that tradition also states women either have to wear breeches or a scarlet petticoat to pop the question!

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