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May 29, 2020 | News, The Tonic

May – The New Norm

As England takes its first steps out of lockdown the nation’s focus is now on “when are things going to get back to the new normal?” For the events industry it’s also “when are people going to be able to socialise in large numbers and when are we going to be able to get back to doing what we do best:” helping to put on a show in realising the vision of the event planners be they private or corporate events?

What will the new norm look like for events large and small? Will everyone have to stay far apart from each other even in the most intimate of events or venues? In practical terms social distancing is the very antithesis of what events are all about: social intimacy.

Social distancing outdoor mobile LED bar layout from Ice & Lime

As the hospitality and events industry try to grapple with these issues many bars and restaurants will be gearing up to open their doors if, and when, given the green light from the government. However, questions remain; how long will it last; will it be rolled back again; is it worth opening due to restrictions on patrons and a lack of practical solutions to the distance issue?

Fortunately the weather has, so far, been very much on our side and those venues with ample outdoor areas could well be the first to benefit from a relaxing of restrictions but there may be a scramble to facilitate this. New ways of working, new facilities, new equipment and so on.

Here at Ice & Lime we, along with our suppliers and partners, can bring the indoor bar area outside. Our pop up event bars are delivered with the minimum of social contact, set up quickly and ready to stock within minutes giving an outdoor venue the perfect semi-permanent, fully functional bar to fit any event space, giving customers and staff the space and reassurance that they are able to relax in the environment in the knowledge that precautions and space has been afforded to them. 

mobile bar hire

Ice & Lime bars are, in the most part, manufactured from lightweight, sturdy brushed aluminium and acrylic. All surfaces can be wiped down for minimal transmission risk and are thoroughly washed before and after each and every hire. Plus maintenance and service packages for longer term mobile bar hires can be organised should the bars need polishing, repairing or acrylic panels replacing for example during the hire period. Our small bars are the ideal space saving bar for private parties. Adding something really special whilst affording you all the functionality of a larger professional structure in a compact package. 

Through our trusted suppliers and partners we can also offer temporary structures, furniture, catering and toilet facilities for pubs, bars and venues looking to move their hospitality offerings into the more “social distancing friendly” outdoors. Everything required can be delivered to site enabling venues, pubs, bars and restaurants to function using their existing infrastructure coupled with that of the events industry. A perfect combination of experience and know-how coming together to bring back the fun in going out! We’re ready, are you?!

mobile bar hire

Mint Cucumber Prosecco Sparkler

Phew, it’s warm and so here is a little something to help you cool down after a long day in the heat! A super refreshing summer cocktail made with ingredients essential to any household! Prosecco, vodka, cucumber, mint and lime…..already sounds great right?


2x shots of vodka

3x shots (roughly) of Prosecco

½ shot of fresh lime juice

1x inch of chopped cucumber and a garnish slice

2x shots of simple/sugar syrup (see Liquor.com)

Mint garnish


  1. Add the chopped cucumber and lime juice to a shaker
  2. Add vodka, sugar syrup and ice
  3. Shake well
  4. Strain over the rocks in a glass
  5. Top up with Prosecco
  6. Garnish with mint and cucumber slice
  7. And relax

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