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Modular Bars


A real showstopper and firm favourite offering a full 360 degree service to the event space over 12.6m of surface length. Consisting of five 2.2m sections, each able to accommodate a large fridge, connected together with an opening side this hexagonal bar can easily cater for 500 guests and provide the focal point to any event space capable of accommodating it, be it a marquee or indoor event space. This bar has been built around marquee poles, underneath huge lighting rigs, bell end and cruciform marquee structures, even around trees! Bring a focus to your event that will be much renown!

Suitable for:

500+ Guests

6.0m BAR

(450 GUESTS)

8.2m BAR

(550 GUESTS)

Overall Dimensions:

Bar Width: 4300mm

Bar Depth: 3760mm

Work Top Height: 930mm

Work Top Depth: 610mm

Serving Top Height: 1120mm

Serving Top Depth: 350mm


Panel Dimensions:

Front Panel Height: 1080mm

Front Panel Width: 660mm

Return Panel Height: 1080mm

Return Panel Width: 735mm


BAR Components included:

LED Colour Control

7x Ice Wells

2x Chopping Boards

4.5m hexagonal centrepiece bar ice & lime mobile bar hire

Want to Customise?


Make your mark with a logo, emblem or image at the bar that will leave your guests with no doubt about the purpose of their attendance! Cut vinyl graphics, backlit cut out lettering, fully wrapped front or top panels, different textures and effetcs using vinyl, adhesive felt and baize, glitter, embossed velvet or simply digital printing of your favourite image the options are endless!


A real favourite for the contemporary look are our fully mirrored or pinstripe mirrored frontages. Fully mirrored allows you to admire your new shoes, watch your dancing shoes go or simply add to the lighting through reflection! Pinstripe mirrored allows the adjustable LED light to bleed through giving a stand out and unique effect to your bar!


Straight bars; kinked bars; hexagonal bars; centrepiece bars; long bars; short bars; square bars; corner bars the list goes on but rest assured our modular system has a bar for your event space! Using our unique in-house designed system, our bars can be customised by adding, replacing or just playing Tetris with our individual bar sections to create your very own bar shape!

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